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About Northshore Agriscience

Northshore Agriscience, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company, that operates as an international hemp seed producer and R&D company, with U.S. operations based in northern Illinois.


The Company has been established for the purpose of addressing the demand that was created by the removal of hemp from the list of controlled substances, by becoming a reliable supplier of high-quality feminized hemp seeds with varying properties to meet a burgeoning market demand.


Northshore Agriscience is an innovation-oriented company that will be developed over multiple phases, culminating in the development and operation of a production and seed improvement facility capable of mass-producing high-quality and value-added hemp seeds in the heart of the Midwest in the United States and an R&D campus known as the International Hemp Research Center which will likely be located in Mexico – a prime agricultural research location.


The Company is currently comprised of a five-person management team and a Scientific Advisory Panel that includes world-renown agricultural scientists.


By leveraging its team’s expertise and knowledge, the Company is well-positioned to address the key issues affecting the industry by utilizing advanced scientific methods and breeding techniques. The Company intends to develop hemp seeds that will embody various properties of importance to the marketplace, including:

  • Regional and climate adaptability

  • Controlled THC levels to secure compliance with the 0.3% required by U.S. law

  • Varieties developed to adapt to different growing challenges such as high humidity or drought

  • Resistance to pathological threats such as mold

  • Improved resistance pests

  • Stabilized germination and feminization rates

  • Among others

More specifically, the Company will leverage its team’s experience to supply the U.S. market with feminized seeds that are bred for desirable traits based on market demand.

Team & Staffing

Northshore Agriscience was founded by Alejandro A. Cardona Tapia, who has served as CEO and General Manager of the Company since 2019. After gaining considerable experience in the agro-industry as a legal advisor to scientists and start-ups in the hemp industry from Colorado in Mexico, Mr. Cardona Tapia discovered the hemp industry’s need for scientific research and product development and has assembled a comprehensive team of world-renown scientists and agriculture experts to satisfy the market’s demands.


The Company will deploy advanced breeding techniques to address the market’s needs.


The Company’s breeders, plant physiologists, plant pathologists, and agronomists will be supported by a team of research assistants.  Additionally, members of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Panel will provide strategic and technical advice to support breeding and agronomy activities. The scientific team’s knowledge will be instrumental in creating educational programs for the success of hemp farmers in the United States and Mexico.


Two key members of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Panel include Dr. Terrence Molnar and Dr. Jill Farrant. Dr. Molnar is an expert in traditional and molecular breeding, who has worked at DuPont Pioneer as a lead research scientist in both Pacé, France, and Urbana-Champagne (Illinois) developing corn varieties for the market. Dr. Farrant is the South African Research Chair in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Cape Town. She is the winner of the L’Oreal-UNESCO award in life sciences, has 139 peer-reviewed publications and has successfully showcased her work on TED Talks.