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Seed Development

The Company has a multi-disciplinary team of scientists to undertake cutting edge quantitative breeding, field trials, and agronomy.


Plant breeding uses various methods to create, select and fix superior plant phenotypes (i.e. the physical observable characteristics of an organism) in the development of improved cultivars (i.e. a plant variety that has been produced by selective breeding) suited to the needs of farmers and consumers. This is usually done to improve yields, nutritional qualities and improve other traits of commercial value. More recently, it has been used to develop varieties better adapted to a changing climate.

Technical Assistance

Thanks to the advanced academic and practical training of its team, the Company provides its clients with high-quality technical assistance and servicing via the provision of detailed farming practices, guidance and recommendations for handling and caring for its products throughout the cultivation, harvest and post-harvest process.


In order to provide these products and services, the Company anticipates developing a large-scale, state-of-the-art production operation in Illinois that will feature a quality-controlled environment to produce, manufacture and distribute hemp seeds. The Illinois location will also include a small R&D laboratory, where testing and some R&D will take place, as well as an outdoor planting area for outdoor trial purposes.


Each of our products will be tested in outdoor environments to ensure that our clients will enjoy the fruits of a reliable seed that enables them to become more profitable.

International Markets

The anticipated deregulation of Cannabis in Mexico in the coming months opens new opportunities for the Company. Specifically, Mexico is expected to follow the U.S.’s lead in terms of deregulating the hemp market; legislation has already been proposed to regulate the cannabis industry (including hemp). The legislation is currently expected to be enacted by the end of 2020. The Company has also engaged the services of a reputable lobbying firm in Mexico, and who will be advocating on behalf of the Company and the hemp industry over the coming months.


As a result, the Company expects to leverage its international team in order to develop a large R&D campus that will conduct plant breeding and clinical studies in Mexico. This will enable the Company to invest more efficiently in the development of its seeds for distribution in the U.S.

Germplasm Repository

The success of a breeding program depends on two main factors:

  • Having available the necessary genetic variety
  • Being able to manipulate it to produce a new stable cultivar

To that end, an essential element of our research and development efforts is our Germplasm Repository or Seed Bank.  Currently, Northshore Agriscience is actively engaged in an effort to collect hemp samples from around the world in order to build up the first comprehensive cannabis hemp gene bank in the world.